Trees That Produce Fruits

Do you have an empty backyard, and you’re thinking of putting it to good use, one of the best ways to plant a fruit-producing tree? It adds to your home’s fragrance, you can sit under it and enjoy a cool breeze during hot days, and biggest of all, you get to eat fresh fruits with all the taste and nutritional benefits at its peak. There are lots of fruit trees you can plant, but the first you should know is if it works well with your climate and soil conditions. Although some fruit trees can grow anywhere and bear fruits, others are very selective, so you have to be sure the tree you’re planting is fit for the place. That said, here is a list of fruit trees that you can plant.

Figs: These trees are self-pollinating and very easy to maintain. They don’t just bear fruit, they are also ornamental, thus adding to the beauty of your yard. They grow best in tropical and coastal southern regions. And once they are mature, they can bear fruits for over six months starting from June to October.

Apples: These trees can grow in any weather with well-drained soil and good sunlight. However, they come in different species, such as dwarf, semi-dwarf, standard, and even self-pollinating. So you need to make sure the one you’re planting works best for your climate.

Blueberry: Blueberry is not really a tree, but it produces amazing fruits. Its colorful leaves in the winter, cherry bushes with white flowers in spring, make it a beauty that beautifies any garden where it is planted. It comes in different species, but they generally don’t like cold weather. Sunny weather and well-drained soil are all you need and watch your blueberry thrive.

Citrus: Oranges, tangerines, lemons, kumquats, lime, and all species of citrus you can think of functions well in the same type of soil and weather. They thrive in warm climates and bloom throughout the year so you can enjoy the fruit all round the year.

Cherries: They work best in well-drained soil and a lot of Sunshine. They are available in various colors, depending on the species and the weather that fits them. Apart from the sour cherry, these trees need other cherry trees around it to cross-pollinate and produce fruits.

Plums: Fruit or no fruit, these purple trees look amazing and will definitely beautify your backyard. Their fruits can be purple or green in color when ripe, and they cross-pollinate.

Pears: These fruit trees are just like apples when it comes to adapting with any climate. They have species that can persevere in any climate while some are very particular about where they grow. The tree is very prolific and still bears plenty of fruits even till old age. 

Avocados: It might take a while after planting before these trees start producing fruits, so it is advisable to buy a mature one. The best climate for them is the warm kind, so think twice about purchasing one if you reside in a very cold area.

Pawpaw: Otherwise known as papaya, this tree grows very fast, and that compensates for its short lifespan. Once planted, they can start producing fruit from the first year or at most, the second. The fruits are very delicious and are produced all year. They do not perform well in a cold climate, so watch out for that.

Banana and Plantain: These are more like giant herbs than trees, but the fruits are amazingly sweet and nutritious enough to make them enter this list. They require a lot of moisture and sunlight to grow and will not function well in a cold climate.