Benefits of Low VOC Paints

VOCs are now a common statement when it comes to painting. You’ll find some of your painters telling you to go for paints without VOCs or at least low VOCs. 

However, since you aren’t a painter, you’re wondering what this is all about. Well, low VOC paints come with loads of benefits in your building. From cleaner air to the absence of strong odors, it’s a great option.

So, are you wondering what you stand to gain? In this post, we’ll examine the benefits of low VOC paints. But first, let’s examine what low VOCs involve. We used the best painting contractors Oahu has as references for this article.

What are low VOCs paints?

VOCs are known as Volatile Organic Compounds. They are compounds that tend to get unstable and react with various elements in the air. In turn, this can cause pollution and various health issues.

For instance, it results in headaches, watery or burning eyes, nausea, breathing problems, asthma, and cancer. Well, the thing is that these compounds are present in some paints. They even get more toxic when the paints dry. 

So, low VOC paint is one that has a minimal amount of these compounds. As such, they are less toxic and healthier.

Five Benefits of Low VOC Paints

While various benefits come with paints with low VOCs. Others stand out more than the rest. Here are the top five benefits that come with using a low VOC paint.

Cleaner Air: Perhaps the most prominent benefit of paints with low VOC is that it allows you to enjoy better air quality in your home. This is because these paints don’t give off the toxic fumes associated with VOC paints. So, with low VOCs, you avoid fumes and breathe better.

Absence of Strong Odors: Regardless of your home, paints can come with some odor. Well, with high VOC paints, it’s worse. The smell can be quite intense and stop you from going home when you want. 

Well, luckily for you, you can avoid that with low VOC paints. It presents a safer painting process free of strong odors. This way, after painting, you can get back to your home quicker than ever.

Easier to clean up: You can’t always be sure that your paintings won’t get stained. Well, you’ll need to clean then. With paints high in VOCs, it can be quite hard to clean. However, with low VOC paints, you don’t have to worry about this. You can easily wash them with water and soap.

Long-lasting and durable: Just like everyone, you want value for your money. And this is what low VOC paints bring to the table. They are usually more durable and far more long-lasting than high VOC paints.

Cost-effective: It can be quite easy to believe something that comes with these many advantages will be more expensive. Well, that’s not the case. Low VOC paints are typically around the same price as paints with VOCs.

In Conclusion 

Painting is practically indispensable if you want to enjoy a great look. However, that doesn’t mean you have to harm yourself. That’s where low VOC paints come in. They provide various advantages over those with high VOC.